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Get Ahead This Year with Tutor pace one-to-one online tutoring Programs

July 25th, 2012 Admin Online Tutoring | Best online tutoring
Get Ahead This Year with Tutor pace one-to-one online tutoring Programs

In a tutoring class you are treated as a group of students.   But each students pace, timings and comfort level for learning is different.  A one-to-one online tutoring program helps to eliminate this mismatch.

Flexible time slots with your preferred tutor

Once a student-tutor rapport is established, the student has the choice of scheduling a tutoring session in advance with the same tutor.  This prevents any confusion in the mind of the student because of the change in teaching methodology.  This has an added advantage of flexibility in study timings as sessions can be pre-planned.

One-to-one online tutoring is more interactive

The tutoring session becomes more interactive with this kind of online tutoring as compared to games and gizmos for learning.  The tutor’s mature perspective on life in general is also subtly passed on to the student during the session of teaching a school subject.  This helps in imparting values and ethics along with studies.

The one-to-one online tutoring program gives the student the advantage of learning a subject at his own pace and at his own preferred time.  As part of the program, the tutor will give a detailed report on a student’s progress.  This gives the student an opportunity to know where there is scope for improvement.  Hence, online tutoring is the best option today.

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