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Follow These Study Apps For Fun And Innovative Science Material

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Learning Science turns out to be fun once it is interactive and engaging. There are many free Science apps that make one take Science topics with interest and go through them for deep insights. Following are 16 free Science apps that come in handy for best learning purposes.

Mahjong Chem

It is a free game for practicing Chemistry knowledge using Mahjong game play. This is designed by the Chemistry Department at Stetson University. Also helps students reinforce concepts like matching elemental names to symbols. Learning electronic configurations, understanding metric prefixes. Also learn assigning oxidation numbers and naming polyatomic ions.


Braingenie builds mastery in problem solving skills in students. You can practice and become strong in 5000+ skills. It helps you compete in real-time multiplayer matches and also enables you to win badges. All this holds a top position on the leaderboard.


Science360 for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering videos. The images from across the globe .It is by the National Science Foundation which provides a news feed. Thus, featuring breaking scientific news from NSF funded instituions. There are fun and spectacular images and videos available in high resolution through this app.You can share these videos and images on Twitter and Facebook or via e-mail.

Chemistry Formula Practice

Chemistry Formula Practice promotes students’ mastery. Mastery in the fundamental skill of naming compounds and writing formulas. It helps students practice in ionic and molecular compounds. Bases, acids, hydrocarbons, polyatomic ions and organic functional groups. Students can work at their pace by writing name to formula or formula to name.

NOVA Elements

Nova Elements presents an interactive periodic table and invites students to play a game hosted by David Pogue. Or students can watch the two hour NOVA program “Hunting the Elements.”

Sugar Shake

This is an activity of shaking sugar and tilting sugar molecules to set off chemical reactions. This game presents a cast of protein characters. Which are based on real structures inside our cells. Students explore the structure and function of 10 of the tiny proteins that break down sugar in the cell. The free version includes first 11 levels with an interactive menu. In each level, students tilt different sugars to their matching proteins to set off chemical reactions. has a newsreader app which gives out up- to- minute news and details of cutting edge scientific gadgets. Green tech and research for you to store and read on the go. You can save the material and read whenever you find time.


This is an interactive search engine for enterprising learners. Students can search for any interesting topic through this app. After looking at the Key Facts, students dive into deeper ideas about a topic and search for quality educational websites. Students search for various kinds of videos and images. Auto generated quizzes of instaGrok  encourage students to reinforce the material they have come across. This is certainly helpful for Biology students who need to research lots for their thesis and lab work. Online Biology tutor also comes in handy for them in their work via his unlimited research material.


This app offers electricity quizzes and revision notes for secondary Science students. Reward badges are offered for students who complete the quiz successfully. The topics include Electric charge, Electric current, Electrical safety, Electrical symbols, Generators, Ohm’s Law and Transformers and so on. This app supplements national curriculum Science and Physics courses. It was created by Electricity Safety Council (ESC).

CK-12 studyNow

studyNow is designed by CK-12 Foundation and helps students learn, do homework and research for projects. It helps students learn K-12 content in an intuitive manner through videos, mind maps, quizzes flashcards etc. Science students doing Biology and other branches find this app very useful. It is specially useful for researching the topics. Biology homework help from online tutoring services is also highly beneficial for students in preparing tough homework topics.

PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations are free, fun, interactive Science and mathematical simulations. They are multi sponsored for the benefit of students and are available for free. Each simulation is extensively tested for educational effectiveness. The simulations are designed on principles like scientific enquiry, providing interactivity, making the invisible visible. Also using real-world connections and including multiple representations like graphs, numbers, object motion etc. The simulations are written in Java, Flash or HTML5 and can be downloaded or run online.

Table of Elements HD

Table of Elements HD is a reference to the Periodic Table of Elements in a comprehensive manner. Each of the 110 elements includes 4 scrollable images with

  1. Element specification, electron dot diagram and electron configuration
  2. A brief description of the element
  3. Element properties
  4. Picture of each element.
  5. Periodacity

Periodacity has reference information for all known elements in the periodic table. It is useful for chemists and chemistry students. Periodacity allows students to see the web content for the element at the touch of a button. It loads the Wikipedia content for each element. Then upon the selection of the element by name or the corresponding icon.

GCSE Physics

GCSE Physics is available on all iOS devices. It helps students realize their potential through proper revision. Students can tailor tests as per their needs with the facility to search tests by topic. They search according to question type and difficulty level. Over 1000 questions are available for every subject. Question types include fill in the blanks, descriptive, yes or no and multiple choice single answer. App features include test timer, sound, randomized questions, instant feedback, review of questions with answers,. The reporting features to assess your results and so on. Topics include Atom and Radioactivity, Electricity, Gravity and Space, Motion and so on.

VSB Physics

VSB Physics explains principal concepts in Physics like Projectile, Motion, Newton’s Law, Kinematics and Trajectory. Students get a higher comprehension of the topics through this app.


goReact makes you a virtual chemist. You can initiate 300 virtual reactions by bringing elements to the Reaction Area. You have amazing videos and images illustrating the molecules you create. They can get a fun fact about each of the elements in the periodic table by touching it. Many more interesting features are there in the app helping you explore the elements in a fascinating and fun way and gather information about them.


All these apps are highly fruitful for student learning in a fun environment. At the same time, they offer content which is valuable and productive for the mounting scores of students in exams through the unique insights they offer. In addition to such helpful resources, online tutoring centers work wonders in the realm of Science subjects. Biology assignment help is an example for the tremendous services rendered by these sites for improving the study scenario of students in Science topics.

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