Features of Educational Technologies facilitating Distance Learning Education

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tutorpace-blogOnline tutoring is currently on high demand with advanced educational technologies and feature that it offers to give enhanced meaning to tutoring. While providing online instructions to the students, it is important for online tutoring service provider to consider the level of concreteness of distance learning and choosing an appropriate technology to deliver effective tutoring. The blog is meant for students to check the concreteness of various educational technologies before choosing the right tutoring services.

When study materials like hard copy, notes, worksheets, practice sheets, test papers is asynchronous form of imparting learning. Often tutor mail study materials to the student or allow them to download the recorded audio or video tutoring sessions. In this case also, student does not interact with tutors in real-time as it follows asynchronous form of tutoring.

Tutor passes single-sided real-time audio tutoring session which is similar to radio broadcast or Pod cast. This is synchronous tutoring where tutor delivers lecture and student is silent listener.  Use of more advanced techniques like online tutor takes tutoring sessions with two-way real-time audio/video communication.  It is synchronous learning made possible using Skype. Often, private online tutors teach lessons playing recorded video sessions to their students where both student and tutor communicate by live text or audio messaging. Two way real-time video communications is also offered by several tutoring websites where both student and tutor communicate by real time audio message like MSN. Use of multimedia PowerPoint files to assist two-way audio-video communication is also synchronous tutoring.

This is all about features of educational technologies that facilitate distance learning; however, it is student and parent responsibility to check the concreteness of each of these methods and find out one which is suitable for them. Ultimately, the new paradigm of educational technology   should help building teacher-student relationship, good learning atmosphere and learning effectiveness.

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