Everything You Need To Know About Centrioles

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Studying life and its procreation is the essence of biology and thus the subject has numerous applications in a variety of life sciences. Cellular biology is amongst the most interesting of branches in biology and deals with the study of the cellular structure. It is interesting to note that plant and animal cells are vastly different in nature and students often require additional help to master this topic as it is intricate and mere classroom sessions are no longer enough! They turn towards an online biology tutor or expert to help them understand the details and functioning of a cell. Read on to learn all there is know about centrioles – the most important parts of the cells.

The Cell Structure – An Overview

Cells are the basic blocks using which the body is built and every living thing comprises cells. Every cell in turn has different parts and each of them have their own functions. Every cell has organelles that constitute its working parts and each organelle has its own function. A centriole is one such organelle in a cell; read on to learn all about centrioles and their functions in a cell.

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Centriole – Definition

Centrioles belong in an animal cell and are made of strands of protein called microtubules. If you take a cylindrical structure say a plastic pipe or rod that is cylindrical in shape and consider a couple of them glued together, this is similar to what a centriole looks like. Think of a microtubule as a cylinder and put three cylinders together to form a triplet. There are about nine triplets of these cylinders glued together to form the centriole.

Functions of a centriole

This topic is one of the most commonly given assignments in school and many students seek biology assignment help particularly on this topic. Read on to learn the functions of a centriole. The centriole is present only in animal cells and not in plant cells. It is primarily responsible for the division and multiplication of cells. The centrioles are responsible for the formation of three of the most important cell structures:

  • Centrosome
  • Cilia
  • Flagella

Centrosomes and centrioles are responsible for mitosis or the cell division. Typically in mitosis, the cells divide and become two new and identical cells and before the division, it is important to make copies of the DNA information and this is where Centrosomes and centrioles come into the picture. During the process of cell division, two centrioles combine together with a couple of other proteins to become the centrosome and they copy the DNA info to ensure that the two new cells that are formed have the same DNA information.

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Cilia are the term used to represent the small hairy structures that project from a cell and these are responsible for the movement of the cell (they whip back and forth). Lung cells use this feature to move the mucus out of the lungs. The cilia have more such interesting uses in various organs.

Flagella also are a similar structure that allows the cell to move back and forth. The centrioles either form the cilia or the flagella.

It has been found that the dysfunction of the centrosome is responsible for major terminal illnesses such as cancer. Similarly, when cells are unable to use the cilia and flagella, this condition leads to many genetic diseases and also problems in development of the organism. Thus, the centrioles are perhaps one of the most important members of the cell with lots of important functions.


Centrioles are one of the most important members of the animal cell and are responsible for the cell division and the basal body centrioles – flagella and cilia are responsible for locomotion and the flagella even has a sensory function! With their role in cell division, they are responsible for procreation and copying of DNA and thus understanding this topic thoroughly is quite important to ace biology. Seeking biology homework help from expert online biology tutors is an easy way to master this topic and score high.

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