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Engage An Online Tutor To Use The PQRST Technique And Learn Better

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Traditional learning methods aren’t as effective today as they once used to be. There are very many factors for this such as stress of present day education, competition, hectic schedules. Also students are being involved in a variety of activities (extra and co-curricular). Thus, learning techniques too need to evolve as per today’s standards. And quite a few modern learning techniques have proven to be effective. One amongst them is the PQRST technique which simply means Preview, Question, Read, Self-Recitation and Test. Many  online tutor are known to employ this technique and teach their students to use it to score better grades. Read on to learn all you need to know about the PQRST technique.

Preview/Skim through the contents of the chapter at hand

It is always better to skim through the contents of the topic beforehand so as to get an overall idea of what is to come. In this phase, students are advised to check out the title of the chapter. Check the introduction, read the sub headings and glance through illustrations and pictures and finally read the conclusion or summary. This will serve to give them an idea of the topic to be studied. Topic discussed in class and students must surely do this exercise before attending online classes.

Question – get thinking about what you are about to learn

Putting up simple questions as to what the chapter might entail. What are the things one could possibly learn from it will help getting the brain into the learning mode and get it to think about the topic under scrutiny. Not only does this wire the brain into the concept, it also helps students get into the learning mode. It is imperative that students do this exercise when they are learning a topic or when they are about to do homework in it. Before seeking homework help online, this exercise will help them get better thought clarity and thus help them learn better.

Read as many times as you can to grasp the topic better

Reading the given chapter a couple of times can help in clarifying doubts and also get a better idea of the entire picture. It is usually advised to pace reading as per convenience levels and go through the content twice or thrice for better understanding. Taking notes is yet another good idea that has worked through centuries and is a time tested method of learning.

Summarize what you’ve learnt

Self reciting and summarizing what has been learnt helps students put their understanding of the topic in their own words and more often than not, this helps them get a clearer picture while also helping them identify areas that are still unclear. Once they identify the problem areas, they can seek help online for it. For instance, when a student embarks on an assignment, it is better that he/she works till PQRS of this technique and then seek online assignment help. This way, they can identify doubts and get them cleared by the tutor while also getting tips about how to go about the assignment and so on.

Test your learning

There are a variety of tests available in textbooks, online platforms and so on to help students test their knowledge of the topic in question. Students can even ask their online tutors to set tests to estimate their learning in the subject and evaluate them. This helps students perform better in exams and thus bag great grades!


Thus, employing modern learning techniques such as PQRST is an effective means to study and score better. The PQRST technique has been proven to be very successful and is being employed across the world to enable students to get top grades. Any student who employs this technique is sure to get straight ‘A’s in tests.

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