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Effective Online Learning Strategies and Study Skills For College Students

April 2nd, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
Effective Online Learning Strategies and Study Skills For College Students

The key to succeed for college students is not necessarily studying harder but studying smarter with effective learning strategies and study skills. Online tutoring is not far from this fact. Let’s see how college students can take online learning with effective strategies and study skills:


  • Develop skills to maximize efficiency completing online course
  • Learn computer and internet surfing skills
  • Be familiar with acronyms used in online tutoring

Technical Issues:

  • Learn the communication mediums used in tutoring online
  • Be familiar about how the virtual classroom works
  • Always have extra paper and printer ink cartridge on hand
  • Take the glimpse of course curriculum and tutorials right at the beginning of the semester
  • Effectively organize tutorials document and files to easily retrieve when required
  • Save files into an external storage device to protect from hard drive crash

Develop Netiquette:

  • Be professional when communicating online
  • Communicate in respectable tone in live chat or email as online tutors are highly qualified and experienced
  • Communication should meaningful ensuring that anything you write may not be misinterpreted

Time Management:

  • Most vital aspects of online learning is it offers convenient tutoring at the student’s pace
  • Mark important dates in the calendar like semester beginning and ending dates, test dates, assignment due dates, project submission dates etc.
  • Plan and schedule online sessions well in advance for each subject of the curriculum considering academic calendar
  • Avoid distracting while taking online sessions

Be Active Learner:

  • Take notes as you read the course materials
  • Complete scheduled lessons prior to the session and organize learning sessions by listing the task
  • Note down difficult topics, confusing areas, queries, doubts before taking session
  • Contact tutor online on their availability and book a tutoring session to clarify your doubts
  • Take a hard copy of study materials and notes to highlight important information and use it as ready reckon
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