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E-Learning- Live, Real-time Interaction between Teacher and Students

October 29th, 2012 Admin Online Tutoring | Best online tutoring
E-Learning- Live, Real-time Interaction between Teacher and Students

Teaching without illustrations is not complete. Understanding this fact, Tutor Pace a USA based online tutoring website offer whiteboard development services for both teachers and students to interact live. Desktop sharing plays a vital role to unite online tutors and students on their desktop. Video conferencing doesn’t let distance interrupt when it comes to education. The video conferencing tools make sure that users don’t feel the distance.

With time, the process of education has changed its course too. Students just get the best of education, without having to bear the burden of it. E-learning has effectively transformed the way of education. It is the most affordable, interactive, informative and motivational method of imparting education. Online tutors provide innumerable course-ware and documents belonging to multiple categories. Students can save them and refer whenever required.

We strive to provide online tutoring sessions for students from k-12 for homework help, test preparation or guidance in any academic subjects. This concept of tutoring has been planned to meet the students’ expectations to get in-person attention. Online tutoring maximizes the chance of achieving the expected result.

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