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Don’t Let Go Your Positive Energy In Vain

December 9th, 2012 Admin Homework Help | online homework help
Don’t Let Go Your Positive Energy In Vain

Exam time again! Do you feel that you need to study 24 hours a day? You may be wrong by thinking so. Try to keep at least 7-8 hours a day to get sufficient sleep and have a healthy 15 -16 hours of the day. Students generally tend to skip sleep for test preparation; and consequently fail to concentrate much. Excessive pressure and lack of sleep affects your performance and health.

Research has proved that continuous studying; even sitting with book for prolonged hours with no breaks in between lowers the retention power. Students are always recommended to take short but regular breaks for fun. Small breaks after every two-three hours make them feel fresh and keep them in a good mood.

Tutor Pace a well recognized online tutoring website offers 24/7 service to facilitate students to plan their own schedule. The sessions may be paused and students may take a small break to unwind. You can utilize this time by watching your favorite TV program or listen to your favorite music or just by lazing around. Take short breaks whenever needed.  Be positive in your approach!

Most importantly, it is sensible to make revise your lessons every day instead of trying to squeeze in a lot in a single day. Neither parents nor the tutors should impose an unrealistic target on the kids. It is important to note that if they are unable to achieve it, stress will definitely shoot through the roof and this will affect their future.

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