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Does Your Teen Hate School 5 Ways to Help a Teen Who Hates School

April 23rd, 2013 Admin Best Online Tutoring
Does Your Teen Hate School 5 Ways to Help a Teen Who Hates School

Nearly one out of four students sometimes hates and refuses to go to school. It becomes a great problem for parents to find out the reason and solution for this. The major reason of the hatred is the moments of concern related to school and the level of which gives chronic and high pitched state.

Following are 5 ways parents can help teens who hate school:

Give an Ear: Give an ear and pay attention to our teen when they refuse to go to school. Do not become harsh by forcing or compelling them to go to school. Hear them carefully and give your message to your teen to work together on the solution.

Get to the root cause: Sit and make conversation with your teen to get into the root cause of the problem. Ask questions, find patterns and take notes on a piece of paper. Ask about the behavior of their peers and tutors. Analyze each big or small moments that bring anxiety and makes them overwhelming with school expectations.

Explore Solutions: Once you analyze the cause of anxiety, start working on the solution. Take control of the situation and advocate your child. Think about alternative option to school like online tutoring, personal tutoring, community colleges, home school options, etc. There are numerous accredited options that help your teen and prepare him for the life beyond high school. Think to give extra help in complex subjects like Math and Science. Hire Math tutor online who can work one-to-one with your teen.

Give An Academic Support: Give academic support in the subjects that your teen lacks academically. Seek extra help to deal with complex subjects with Chemistry tutoring and Physics tutoring. It is not magic or spell that stop feeling afraid or anxious. The academic support will control their negative emotions and lead them to take active participation in school classrooms.

Find Balance: While exploring root cause and working for its solution, do not allow the situation to take over your life and that of your teen life. Do not get into so much into the problem that you lose the sight of helping your teen growing up.

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