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Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Physics Homework Help?

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Physics is a difficult subject for many students. Physics homework is a hectic job in most of the homework schedules. Students definitely need some guidance for difficult homework assignments. That’s where Tutor Pace comes in! Our Physics tutors are here to help 24/7 no matter what kind of Physics homework help you’re struggling with.

There are some common mistakes that could be making your Physics homework even harder

Unit conversion

Unit conversion is Physics 101, part of a strong foundation you need to ace your Physics homework…and the course. Some students can even forget to do the unit conversion and then the whole problem is a bust. So take things slowly and remember your basics!

Miscalculation in angle values

Forgetting or miscalculating angle values is another huge problem that will put you on the path to incorrect answers. These mistakes can easily be made by a student’s lack of attention. So it’s important once again, to take your time with the problems to ensure the right answer.

Improper Calculations

Another reason why a Physics tutor is such a good idea, the minute you start working on calculations on your homework, your chances of making mistakes increase. With all the jumbled mess, your teacher won’t be able to understand how you did your calculations and you won’t get credit..or taught the correct way.

By working with an online physics tutor, you won’t have the chance to get carried away with mistakes because we use a Whiteboard to watch you do your calculations, stop you and correct you if you are wrong and prevent you from silly mistakes on exams.

Getting sines and cosines mixed up

Physics students often make the mistake of interchanging sines and cosines, pay attention so you don’t make this silly mistake.

Not treating vectors as vectors when you add vectors use vector addition. That means resolving vectors into components. Don’t make the mistake of adding the magnitudes of the vectors without realizing that you should be adding components instead.

Adding resistors incorrectly

When you have resistors in series, the current has to pass through one after the other.

Misinformation with relation to standard values

This is a common mistake that a lot of students don’t even realize they’re making. In this case, a student will forget the necessary values…which are caused by not having a detailed knowledge of standard values.

Change in Energy is More Important than Energy

In this case, the main idea deals with the work-energy principle. That says that the work done on a system is equal to the change in total energy.

Human Error

Well, we are all humans, so this should be obvious. As scientists, we know when doing experiments, error or uncertainty, always exists.. But human error is not the same as experimental error.

These human errors can be caused by rushing, carelessness, inattention or not knowing your stuff. All of these can be avoided by taking your time, practicing your problems and understanding, not memorizing the subject.

Not keeping up with the material

It is very important in Physics to keep up!! Don’t get behind or skip a chapter because you think you already know. If anything, the chapters you think you already know should serve as a refresher and a reminder to further solidify your knowledge.

If you are struggling to keep up, meet with your teacher and get an online Physics tutor to help with your homework and test prep.

Other benefits of online Physics tutors:

  • You’ll get to learn one-on-one with an expert Physics tutor
  • Our tutors are available 24/7 and willing to work with your busy schedule
  • Our tutors provide tools and interactive, engaging fun features to make learning Physics fun
  • Your live, online Physics tutoring sessions are recorded and you’ll be able to rewatch them afterwards
  • Your performance and confidence will be boosted from working with our live, online Physics tutors


As you can see there are many easy-to-make mistakes in Physics. A lot of the mistakes have a trickledown effect and are hard to catch on your own that is why our online Physics tutors are here at Tutor Pace to help walk you through the course and your homework.

By working with our tutors, we will go through the problems with you, ensuring you don’t make common mistakes on the homework and problems and then eventually you won’t make those mistakes on the exam.


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