Do You Make These Simple Mistakes to Increase SAT and ACT Score

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tutorpace-blogSAT and ACT test your knowledge and your overall mental makeup. It is not just a test of your aptitude but a challenge for your attitude towards competitive tests. If so, what are the mistakes you commit in doing SAT and ACT?

General Simple mistakes:

  • You become tense and anxious to lose concentration on the questions
  • Panic a lot about time to lose time
  • Rubbernecking all the time to watch others
  • not double-checking the answers
  • thinking of previous section answers
  • no proper numbering on the answer grid
  • bubbling up one by one or waiting for the last moment and bubbling all together
  • spending a lot of time on hard problems

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About SAT:

  • Not reading the question completely. Overlooking part of the question. Hence going wrong in fixing the value of questions like 5x in Math questions
  • Attempting hard questions for more than required time. They net you the same points. In SAT, Math, Writing and Sentence Completion are in ascending order of difficulty. Easy and medium ones take less time and offer good score
  • Not writing the work down. Writing down the work matters a lot as more than 4 hours you sit with the paper
  • Ignoring the clues in the answers for the multiple choice questions to choose the right answer
  • Flowery and circumlocutory essays. Readers prefer easy, straight essays with well developed arguments to defend

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About ACT:

  • Get act help from a reputed tutoring center and ace the test.Mismanaging the paragraphs in English reading, thereby, missing the questions
  • The same problem of answering the hard questions for a long time
  • Mismanagement of time, unable to spend time equally on all sections-you cannot afford to take more than one minute for a question
  • Wasting a lot of time over a stuck problem
  • Missing the proper guess in multiple choice question and unable to fix the order of priority
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