Difference Between Online Tutoring and Traditional Tutoring

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tutorpace-blogElder generations always wonder about, how different is online tutoring in comparison with one-on-one traditional tutoring? This is not an apprehension but it is a valid question that deserves a convincing answer. This is even true for the parents of children who were tutors themselves before they retired from school/college. They too wonder at the same question. There doubts are: How would online Organic chemistry tutoring work on the internet? Or how would online basis accounting tutoring work?

Well, this blog partly tries to answer this query and partly appreciate the concern of the parent community towards their children.  Let us note the difference between online and traditional tutoring

Which one consumes most time?

Tutoring, be it online/traditional will be long hours if the tutor is not efficient at Tutoring. The core of the tutoring job is at knowing the subject so well that you want to sing it to the student and then the student starts liking it and singing out. Singing is a metaphor to being familiar with the subject to a level where the student gets comfortable with it. Once the student reaches this level, he will make his own targets and achieve them sincerely.

Which one is easier to follow?

What would you like me to tell you? Well, nothing is as easy as it looks! But let’s get to the basics of it – Its online tutoring so the student does not have to travel to the house of the tutor or the tutor does not have to travel to the student’s house. This way both student and tutor are at best capacity during an online tutoring session.

How do we know that the child needs tutoring?

Does your child often look anxious, when the subject of school and college crops up in the presence of a group or during other times? Have you seen the child ignore talking about homework often? Your child needs extra attention and this can be done through online tutoring.

What kind of an environment are we talking about?

Elderly community may wonder about the quality of online tutoring offered. In earlier times, it was more of respect in face-to-face tutoring. Not much has changed with High Definition clarity video chats and great mass of information with online tutors in the form of CD/ and DVD.

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