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Conquer Your Derivation Nightmares With An Online Physics Tutor

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Perhaps one of the most troublesome parts in physics is deriving equations and learning to work with them. A student who wishes to major in physics must certainly know this and should master it in fact to be able to score well in the subject. It sure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to work with derivations at the first go and most students are turning to an online physics tutor to work on this very troublesome area. Here are a few tips to help students tackle this problem and conquer it.

Strengthen your basics first

As you read physics, you will realize that most equations can be derived from a few fundamental ones and for this you require to know the basics well. Read a lot of derivations and learn the fundamental ones well. Try deriving other equations using the basis. For instance, you could derive the kinematic equation using Newton’s Force equation. When you consider this, there are two aspects to it:

  • The mathematical part
  • The physics part

Read on to learn about how well you need to know these two aspects and how to go about learning them.

Master integration and differentiation

There is the mathematical part to every equation; you need to know integration and differentiation and how also need to read the details presented in the problem well to be able to solve it. This is where math skills come in handy. Simply by looking at a problem most math enthusiasts will be able to come up with a lot of interesting details and learning to be able to do the same helps you get a clearer picture of the problem.

Learn to use time derivatives and what they signify

Understanding this fundamental concept is the key to solving most physics equations. Learning to use time derivatives will help you derive many equations quite easily. For instance, to get the kinematic equation for the position of an object or particle that is moving with a constant acceleration, you simply require the second time derivative of the position vector. Learning how time derivatives come into play is thus very important. Many students seek online physics homework help when it comes to time derivatives and this is quite a trending topic for online searches. Thus, learning this concept will help you surge ahead.

Ask a lot of questions and raise doubts for better clarity

Science is one branch of study that requires your curiosity to be at its best. You need to be inquisitive, ask a lot of questions and keep at it till you get the hang of it. When you work on a particular derivation, keep asking questions till you actually understand what you are doing. Also, by keeping at it, you will start asking the right questions and this will certainly help you understand better and think ahead clearly. Finally, keep practicing and working out derivation and problems till you feel fairly confident about the topic at hand. Seek online physics assignment help from experts to get better exposure, learn better and score better grades!


Learning how to derive equations is rather an important step in physics and will help you in quest to become a physicist or major in the subject. It is imperative to spend time on working out derivations and learning to derive most equations from simple fundamental ones so as to score better in the subject.

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