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How Did I Write My Essay and score 12/12 in my SAT

December 24th, 2013 Sunil Kumar Online writing tutor 4th grade
How Did I Write My Essay and score 12/12 in my SAT

I was never good at writing essays. To write my essay, I needed others’ help all the time. My English exams had long scared me because of essay writing. After passing my high school, I wanted to appear for SAT. I was doing well in other sections but was always failing in essay writing during my practice tests.
Surely, I feared that the writing section would not let me get the top score. I started taking advice from my teachers and searched for every possible thing that could help me at that point. But, nothing worked for me. I was still doing badly in the writing section.
One day, I found something that looked useful, while browsing over the Internet. That read something like “get your top essay score easily now”. There was a name that read Tutor Pace.

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