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Can Online Tutoring Truly Work

December 7th, 2012 Admin Homework Help | online homework help
Can Online Tutoring Truly Work

Modern technology facilitates students to be remotely tutored via computers. The process supports the use of a whiteboard and the stylus system in which both the educator and the learner can write on a digital whiteboard using a stylus pen which is apparently comparable to writing on a notebook. This makes the experience of online tuitions more real and accepted.

Tutor Pace, an online tutoring website strives to make the learning process more effective by providing the essential tools and material to tutors for imparting the best education to their students. It helps tutors to address some of the commonly faced challenges in their daily teaching practices:

  • To make sure that every student is developing his learning and understanding skills in spite of having a different learning-understanding style
  • To keep students engaged so that they can find interest in the program
  • To teach difficult concepts with a motivating approach
  • To help students to proceed to a higher level of thinking
  • To instantly identify areas of student strength and weakness
  • To continuously assess the student’s learning ability
  • Customize teaching process to make it more effective

These allow online tutors to teach, guide and monitor student effectively.

What makes an internet learning effective?

  • Highly Animated sessions to explain complex problems
  • Active participation in discussion
  • Option to take off
  • Choice to turn off the voice-over
  • 24/7 service
  • Time saving and economical
  • Interesting one-to-one session

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