Can Online Tutoring Replace Live Classroom Education

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tutorpace-blogThe internet has dramatically changed things across a wide spectrum transforming impossible to possible. Today, the entire world is under the spell of the phenomenal growth of the internet; education is one such area observing major changes with popularly known e-learning or online tutoring.

The primary benefit of tutoring online is that one can attend a school in England while staying in Africa. On the contrary, review says that online tutoring may not be fully appreciable as one-to-one learning in classroom inspires efforts, enforce accountability and endorse academic responsibility in subtle ways.

The debate goes on with question Can Online Tutoring replace live classroom education? Here are the pros and cons of both Live Classroom and Online Tutoring will allow you to decide on the most debated questions.

Pros of Live Classroom:
• Are great due to face-to-face interactions between tutor and student
• Chance to develop and learn better in a social network with other students
• Chance to learn lessons on values of life that online tutoring does not have
• Resume showing your education from good school always carry weight
• Gives life changing experience to shape and get ready to face the real world

Cons of Live Classroom:
• Expensive which include cost school fees, transportation, uniform and social activities
• Time consuming which takes lot of time apart from classroom hours
• Adjusting to new environment each year

Pros of Online Tutoring:
• Get study material online viz. educational materials, videos, audio books etc. in downloadable format
• Can access and replay the recorded tutoring
• Flexible in study hours with deadlines to meet
• Full control with student with self-paced learning concept
• Less expensive in comparison to live classroom
• Can be finished in a shorter time

Cons of Online Tutoring:
• Lack of bond between student and tutor as they may not interact face-to-face
• Lack practical and laboratory guidance
• Required choosing accredited online tutoring
• Need to be self-disciplined and responsible to meet given deadlines
• Require stable and reliable internet connection

On student part, hard work and perseverance are the most two important elements to finish up the course successfully. With online tutoring, the role of teacher transforms from being content deliverer to more of a mentor. We keep subject matter under a debate, keeping an option open for students to opt one that most feasible on their part. According to Tutor Pace Inc., online tutoring may not replace live classroom but it always helps the growth of basic classroom education.

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