Best SAT Question And Answer Tips for high scores

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tutorpace-blogSAT is a determiner of your skills in calculation, reading comprehension and writing abilities. Score a fine target in sat, your entry into a premier college is assured with a great educational breakthrough. How to read SAT Question and Answer them with maximum effect? Here are some tips for you:

Easy questions in sat and how to answer them?

The first order of questions always falls for easy questions and you could easily manage them within the time frame without teasing your brain. Most of your answers would be right too. Still, don’t be overwhelmed by the easy factor, but read the questions quickly yet carefully to hit a good score.

Medium questions in sat and how to answer them?

Medium level of difficulty in questions occupies the next 1/3 of the sections. You may not find them as easy as the previous one. Still attend them all to score once again as much as you can. Don’t leave them blank as the next 1/3 is going to be really excruciating for you. You might not find time to come back. Do something with them to do your level best. Write down or do calculations to understand the question better.

Difficult questions in sat and how to answer them?

The last 1/3 of the questions forms the difficult level. By the time, you feel exhausted and a bit confident that your previous answers are almost right and you could achieve your targeted score. Answer what you know in this level of difficulty. Don’t dwell upon any single question for a long time.

Use process of elimination in answering the questions

In sat questions, the wrong answers should be eliminated one by one to arrive at the right one. If you are not able to eliminate at least 2 or 3 wrong answers, leave the question blank. Wrong answers, you know carry ¼ point of negative marking. Only in Math multiple choice questions, you can attempt all the questions in SAT Mathematics. There, you would not face the negative scoring factor. Those who are not confident of their math skills can opt for SAT Biology test.

Look for the probable answers in reading passages

Look for the main idea in the reading passage and concentrate on the probable answers instead of searching for accurate answers. This will save time for you and get a boosted score.
Sat prep is a matter of clever strategies and a determination for netting high scores.

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