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Benefit of Finding Common Ground in All 3 Sections of SAT

September 18th, 2013 Admin SAT
Benefit of Finding Common Ground in All 3 Sections of SAT

A lack of strategically making a study plan may lead to confusion and chaos while studying for the SAT test. Tutor pace suggests that there are certain benefits of finding commonalities between all 3 sections of the SAT test.

For instance, research has proven that those students, who were read bed-time stories during their childhood, became better math problem solvers. Hence, the students who are good in reading will not only do well in the SAT critical reading section but they have a higher probability of scoring well in SAT Mathematics as well.

Tutor pace identifies 3 benefits of overlapping question content in the SAT test sections

1- Skill development

Developing one skill can lead to a good score in more than one section. For instance, if the student is able to do well in the SAT reasoning test, then SAT mathematics section becomes relatively easy. Here there is a good chance that the student is doing well in the SAT reasoning test because of her English writing and reading skills.

 2- Ability to compute faster solutions:

The competency to compute faster solutions increases with overall skill development. A good performer in the SAT mathematics will have a better chance of doing well in the numerical problems in SAT reasoning test.

 3- Reading and Math:

Recent research has shown that, good readers perform well in math problem solving.  Tutor pace suggests students to inculcate regular reading habit for them to increase their overall competency in math and reasoning sections as well.

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