Apply These 7 Secret Techniques to Improve Your SAT Test Prep

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tutorpace-blogThe Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT  is the gateway to the high end college entry- a dream aspired by many high school students and achieved by the tactful. Do you want to be one among the tactful? Read this blog and ascertain your capabilities.

College board and sat demand certain strategies to do test preps with perfection to achieve maximum efficiency in doing SAT. What are the techniques to improve your SAT test prep?

  • Know the level of difficulty of questions-easy, medium, and difficult- except reading comprehension questions. Try to answer the easy ones in the first 1/3  part of the question, and then the medium ones in the next 2/3  part of the question. Try the remaining difficult questions at the end, if you have time to do them- the easiest technique to achieve prep test  scores
  • Follow the process of elimination in answering the questions. Pick out the wrong answers one by one and eliminate them to arrive at the right answer. If you give a wrong answer to the question, you lose ¼ point. Take care of that
  • Don’t rush up with your answers. Relax for a few seconds to come about the right answers, instead of heaping upon wrong ones in your hurry
  • Use the booklet for calculation, diagram, paraphrasing to keep a record of your references. If you are not able to get the answer at once, you can recall them, if time permits
  • In Reading comprehension, get into some clue words to guess the right answers
  • Choose the questions that you know the answer well. Before that, read the questions with attention to be sure of their query

Test prep for SAT is highly momentous to gain an entry into a high ranked college.

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