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Apply these 5 secret techniques to improve SAT test score

August 13th, 2013 Admin ACT Test Score
Apply these 5 secret techniques to improve SAT test score

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a preliminary test given to high school students for their entry into higher education. Today, high school students are receiving a lot of counseling to improve their SAT score.  After all, the purpose is to evaluate a student’s readiness for college. But believe me, to get a competitive score is not that difficult.

Here, we have revealed 5 secret techniques which are helpful to improve your SAT score:

  • Take a practice test

The best way to improve your SAT test score is to practice lots of sample tests. You can download online sample tests free of charge or you can purchase an unmarked copy of the Official SAT Study Guide by paying very nominal charges. You can also go for previous versions of SAT preparation books. These practice tests will make you understand your improvement.

  • Always focus on active reading

High school students who are strong readers do better on the reading sections of the test. You need to practice active reading, i.e. reading short articles focusing on a topic. Focus of new words coming across; test your vocabulary and logic of a sentence. Check for basic grammar, pronouns, and sentence structure or readability problem of any word, if any.

  • Leave nothing blank in any multiple choice questions

You should never leave any multiple choice question blank in the test. Generally, the one who instinctively guesses the question scores a slight more as compared to the student leaving the choice blank. Also, deductions for wrong answers will hardly affect the score as it gets rounded up. So, believe in your instinct and don’t leave anything blank.

  • Know your math

Thoroughly practice entire principles of Algebra and Geometry. You need to practice the main concepts of arithmetic and how to apply these concepts. You should know the correct approach to solve the problems. Unfortunately, if you stuck in any problem then don’t leave it like that. Write whatever you know like you can label the diagrams, plug in numbers. Try to factorize or simplify the given expressions. Try to find hidden patterns in the questions.

  •  Use mature sounding words and phrases

Experts suggest that you should always try to exhibit varied, accurate, and skillful use language in your essays. Always note down and review words which you think can be incorporated into your essays. You can also look up and make a list of words that you don’t know. Use words which sounds mature and don’t sound forced.

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