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Struggling with your ACT test prep? Tutor Pace can help. Our ACT test prep makes you achieve your desired high scores to get into your dream colleges.

ACT test prep: The secret of our ACT test prep

To ace the ACT exam, you need to master different subjects. We fulfill your needs by giving you math, English, science, and writing experts. The exciting part? Our experts are available 24/7 to meet your needs. Whether day or night, we have you learned all the time. Just tell us exactly when you need help and we will give you our tutors right away.

Don’t know where to begin your ACT test prep from? Don’t fear when Tutor Pace is here. Our experts plan your perfect study routine that ensures your overall improvement. Get easy ACT test prep resources like worksheets, practice tests, and modules to master the ACT subjects.

Learn in our interactive virtual classrooms that are full of fun tools. Learn interactively using whiteboard and live chat. Solve questions in real time using whiteboard. Receive regular feedback and give messages using live chat. Work with our ACT subjects experts in one-on-one private sessions.

Want to prepare for specific ACT subjects? We’ve got you covered. Our ACT test prep lets you master particular ACT subjects. These subjects include writing, English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.

Diagnose your current skills using ACT practice test. Map your weak and strong areas with your daily routine. Receive regular reports of your performance directly from our expert tutors.

Another exciting part? You get all these things on a tight budget. Our ACT test prep is all for your needs and pocket. When our competitors charge heavily, we charge as per your budget. Click here to know more about our different ACT test prep plans.

  • Introductory Plan:Get five ACT sessions for 49.99 $ only.
  • Recap Plan:Receive 15 ACT sessions for 99.99 $ only.
  • Best Value Plan:Get 20 sessions for 149.99 $ only.
  • Advanced Plan:Receive 25 sessions for 199.99 $ only.

 ACT reading: How to ace the ACT reading section with top score?

ACT reading section consists of four passages having 10 questions in each. You need to answer all questions in just 35 minutes. That gives you nearly one minute for two questions, considering you’ll utilize some time in reading the passages too.

Tutor Pace’s ACT reading experts suggest sticking to one strategy throughout. This will help you manage your time better in the section. Don’t rush through reading the passages. That won’t do any good. Instead, you will end up re-reading the passages, thus wasting a lot of time.

Our ACT reading tutors recommend you to time yourself while reading. You can do this in your practice tests. Start by allotting four minutes to each passage. That totals 16 minutes for reading all the four passages. Then, you are left with 19 minutes to answer the questions. First go for this strategy and see what the output is.

Over the time, you can practice speed-reading and can try reading a passage in just 3 minutes. This way, you’ll have more time to work on the questions. Don’t stress out on reading the passages too fast. That would only eat up your time.

Always try to spare that one last minute for marking all the left answers. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers, right? So, don’t leave any question. Mark all of them.

According to our ACT reading experts, a student should first pick the right passage for reading. The ACT reading section tests your understanding in different fields like natural sciences, social sciences, prose, fiction, and humanities etc. So, it is important to pick the most comfortable topic first. Scan the passages in one-go quickly and pick the most comfortable one.

ACT reading requires you to have good functional vocabulary. Try to find the contextual meaning of any new word that you come across. You’ll expand your vocabulary this way.

The ACT reading section requires you to be well read. The section throws different types of text at you. To understand these texts well, read as much as you can. Begin by reading quality material for example, New Yorker magazine or novels by Kazuo Ishiguro, Tom Sharpe, and many others. Enjoying whatever you read and spare at least an hour for reading daily.

ACT mathematics: What strategies our ACT mathematics tutors have come up with?

Time and again, our tutors have come up with new techniques and strategies for maximizing our students’ scores. This time, our ACT mathematics experts have come up with great math strategies. You can follow these strategies to get high ACT mathematics score:

#Target your potential score

Aim for hitting a specific score in the ACT mathematics section. You will get more focused toward your ACT test prep with it. Work on new tricks and shortcuts that’ll let you solve the questions quickly and easily. If you’re counting on math, you’ll have to solve maximum possible questions. An average score of 23 won’t be good enough for you. However, if you’re counting on other subjects, a score of 23 will be good. Know what you want beforehand.

#Lessen the usage of calculator

ACT mathematics tests your basic arithmetic skills of multiplying, adding, dividing, and subtracting by means of calculations. So, train your brain to do such simple calculations. Don’t rely too much upon your calculator. Moving fingers through calculator’s buttons does take time. If, by any chance, you hit a wrong button, you will end up wasting more time.

#Trap those soft targets

The ACT mathematics section consists of all levels of questions. Find and solve the questions that look the simplest to you in first-go. As you move further, the difficulty level increases. So, it is important to solve maximum questions that appear earlier. Needless to mention, it should be done as quickly as possible.

#Mark your answers carefully

Often, students write full solutions only to mark incorrect answers at the end. This happens because students get overwhelmed with the answer options. Often, one of your solution values (not the final answer) is present as an option in the paper. On seeing the option, students get too excited and mark the value as their answer. This way, a correct response becomes an incorrect one. Beware of situations like these. They eat your ACT mathematics score.

These strategies can work only when you have great subject knowledge in the first place. Firstly, work on your subject knowledge and then, utilize these strategies to get the most out of your efforts.

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