9 Virtual Tools For The Math Classroom

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With an increasing number of people switching to technology, more and more schools especially classrooms are adopting the use of virtual technologies in running sessions. Whether one to one teaching, group study, or getting ready for projects as well as exams, virtual tools prove to be beneficial in uplifting a student’s academic success. There are tons of virtual tools available in the online world worth checking out. However there are a few shortlisted ones that really pay off well when it comes to math homework help. Check them out and test their worth.

Know the Numbers

Number Pieces is an amazing app to build base ones, tens, and hundreds blocks right from where you are seated. Join pieces in groups of 10 and enhance the computational skills of division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Through this app kids can deal with multi digit numbers, explore decimals, or even know how to tackle equations. Students can really play around with their thought process through this application.

Solve math using Calculator

MyScript Calculator is an amazing calculator app that includes both normal and scientific functions. It is even more interesting to see an integrated technology for handwriting recognition that lets students to write their problems, so that they get relevant correct answers based on the problem they have entered. There are even some real quick gestures to wipe out numbers and symbols with ease.

Learn the Vocabulary of math

Math Vocabulary Cards help you know the key terms, definitions, and getting a thorough conceptual understanding of the words that you come across in mathematics. Get real life examples accompanied with each term to have an in-depth knowledge of the related subject. Switch seamlessly between English & Spanish vocabulary. It is completely ideal for elementary level classrooms and more.

Analyze the Angles

Free Protractor is a wonderful tool to learn all about angles. Children can create all sorts of angles whether right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, or even more. Moving the line across the screen can change angles. Kids can carve out paper shapes, pattern blocks, and more to build angles. Working with angles is a nightmare for many kids; however things become easier with this app.

Draw the Graphs

Geometry Pad is an app that let kids draw shapes as well as lines as if they are drawing the same on paper. They can add text, join coordinate points, and even play with grids, just like real graphs. There are tons of features to explore out there educating kids regarding XY axis and more. Kids can now draw both axis with coordinates defined to draw easy graphs.

Watch the Clock

Interactive Telling Time Lite is an absolute easy way for children to learn and play with both digital as well as analog clocks. The app can tell time in multiple languages other than English such as Italian, Chinese, Korean, Danish, Norweign, Portugese, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, German, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Kids have a gala time playing with 9 interactive clocks that are 100% handmade. They facilitate students with minute and hour hands suitable for small hands. With a wide range of background music, voice overs, and clock designs, the app creates a cheerful environment for kids only enhancing their learning capabilities.

Identify the Patterns

Pattern Shapes help students in exploring fractions and geometry, as well as kids can draw around on screen all over. Unlimited supply of block patterns is available at their disposal. Children can actually go for decomposition of larger shapes, symmetry investigation, and establish relationships between geometrical shapes. It is a more enhanced version of Number Pieces app that we saw above.

Measure with Ruler

Ruler is an app that converts screen into a ruler. Kids can actually measure in centimeters and inches. Even area and perimeter can be measured with the help of this tool that enables virtual measurements. Once the app starts, the entire screen converts into a ruler wherein kids can start taking measurements immediately with ease, to learn all above measurement metrics.

Find the Shapes

Geoboard is a tool that helps kids to get used to fractions, congruence, angles, area, perimeter, polygons, and line segments. They can switch between circular board, rectangular board, and a square board to play with measurement of time, fractions, as well as angle explorations. With so many concepts to tackle in geometry, it is a boon for kids to differentiate between shapes.

What to carry in math classroom next time?

All the above tools that we just discussed play a vital role in the overall mental growth of kids when it comes to math development. You can find out similar tools all across web. However, it is very important to understand, which ones can be grasped easily by children in comprehending features and functionalities. An online math tutor can possibly help kids experimenting with apps. A professional firm can help kids even more dealing with such kind of apps and how they can be used in most optimum way.

With iPad coming into existence, it is quite handy to use these apps in the virtual classroom. Mathematics is an extensive field with too many things to remember and apply. If children can have access to such tools that they can refer to apply concepts and understanding, then online math tutoring can make things easier with right kind of guidance in apt direction. What we saw are a host of iOS apps meant for iPad, but if you look at the App Store or even Play Store in more depth, you can possibly see hundreds or thousands of apps related to Mathematics that can make it a lovable subject to deal with.

You might want to share your thoughts on the same or even bring to us similar kind of apps. Please feel free to do it by passing on your valuable comments. We will certainly feature them all in our future articles and even provide information on the newest apps in the math arena.

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