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8 Videos That Prove Math Is Awesome

August 17th, 2015 Admin Algebra Homework Help
8 Videos That Prove Math Is Awesome

Math is actually an art and doing Math is wonderful once you make it fun learning. Still, there are students who skip Math classes and dread numbers. They are afraid to face the complexity of Math and feel unsuitable for Math skills. If they follow some Math videos, they understand how Math is easy to learn. Here are some videos for you to learn Math with real interest and fun.

1. Minute Physics: Taming Infinity

This video is about adding up infinity, even past infinity, in a series of numbers which get bigger every single time. Can you guess the answer? Can you believe that it is -1?

The series Minute Physics comes out of its titular subject (Physics) to explore how to resolve unsolvable problems in this video. It shows how Math and its principles influence Science and methods of experimentation at large.

2. Doodling in Math class: Stars

Doodling in Math class is a very common thing if you are not interested in what is going on in the class or the lecture given by the teacher. Many start drawing in the class or do some such thing to while away the time. Understanding this fact, Math professor and musician Vi Hart has made her Math lessons into artistic ventures in her Doodling in Math class series. In the episode of ‘Stars’ she relates factoring to drawing stars and makes it extremely interesting to learn.

3. TED Education: How Does Math Guide Our Ships?

Math was the source for navigating ships before the introduction of GPS and calculator. Sailors and shipmen had to be good at Math to know the island stops and avoid any sea disaster. This TED Education video explores the worlds of Algebra and Geometry to tell how mathematicians and explorers of the world put their heads together to find a reliable method of navigating open water. The video is informative, beautiful and shows how Math has become part of our life in all past, present and future.

4. Numberphile: Infinity is Bigger than You Think

Infinity is a concept that is awesome, exciting and also overwhelming. We come across lots of hang ups, puzzles about infinity. But we do not know where infinity starts and where it ends. This video explains how infinity presents itself in Math aspects from fractions to uncountable decimals and it offers discussion about the implications of infinity. It is really a mind blowing video.

5. Valentine’s Day for Math Nerds

It is pretty hilarious to observe that Math is secretly there even in holidays. The For Nerd Series is a crowd pulling video series of Josh Sundquist inviting Math nerds to develop graphs and equations based on statistics and stories about a certain theme. This video is a little lighter Math with fun presenting graphs and data for Valentine’s Day from the money leaving a boy’s wallet over time to decide the gift for valentine, based on level of love and expense.

6. Japanese Multiplication

Japanese Multiplication is a quick and simple way of visually multiplying numbers of any size with a few well-placed lines. It helps you in quick Math situations and SAT style number crunching. This video makes it all the more easy for breaking down the pesky problems with two quick visual tricks.

7. Quick Math Tricks for Film Makers

Do you know that Math helps you take better pictures and videos? If you are a passionate photographer, you know that there is a lot of Math behind photography. You need to know Algebra and Geometry to get a perfect shot for you.This video presents the skills that you need to calculate your pics and video Mathematics with speed and accuracy.

8. The Utilities Problem (and Solution)

It is a simple problem: There are three houses and three utilities. You have to connect each utility to each house without crossing the lines. You find it hard and not possible. Then you find the explanation or solution that this problem is based on a trigonometric formula which has many implications in the world of Math.

Thus videos are the presenters of Math facts and ideas in an interesting and lively manner for us to follow, enjoy and learn. Join online Math tutoring to know more about such videos as online Math tutors introduce many of them in their course of tutoring to better student understanding of a Math concept.

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