7 Tips To Follow While Studying Chemistry

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Chemistry for many proves to be not just overwhelming but also stressful at the same time. That’s the reason most of the time only chemistry homework help is needed by most kids. You might think to opt for online chemistry tutoring after reading this article. However that won’t help until you follow these simple studying tips for dealing with the subject.

Cramming chemistry won’t help

Cramming and learning are just the opposites of each other. One who crames cannot learn and one who wants to learn can’t cram. This is not my personal opinion but it is what I have seen with kids all around the place. Children who cram are not able to implement the same concepts in real life. So, you need to learn. For that, do not wait for the last moment. Start studying from the day the concepts have been explained or taught to you. Learning things at the last moment can’t make things worse with no time whatsoever to understand every single concept.

Clear your chemistry basic concepts before moving ahead

Chemistry is all about formulas, equations, combinations, and what not. So before moving ahead, first be clear about the base concepts. This will build a strong foundation for future complex problems, easing the understanding to a great extent.

Flash cards for chemistry prove to be of great help

You might be surprised to know that flashcards always work great irrespective of the age group you belong to whether elementary school, high school, or college. It lets you reach halfway while other half can be achieved through rigorous practice. With notebooks you have a follow a systematic order, while flashcards help you to pick random topics that you like go through.

Keep your highlighter ready to mark important points

Have a highlighter always in your hands while reading so that you can highlight the important points that you can refer during last minute revision. Ensure to mark only important concepts, answers, or questions, be highlighted as hinted by your teacher or an online chemistry tutor.


Making extensive use of Mnemonics

It is very easy to remember elements of chemistry by making use of mnemonics constituting an entire sentence. Say for example when you look at a few elements in periodic table like H, He, Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F, Ne, you can constitute a sentence like Henry Looking Big, Bad, Certainly Nasty, Old Friend, Not Ok. You can be really creative and generate mnemonics of your own to remember things easily.

Comprehend sample solutions deeply

Just going through a certain problem, finding a similar problem solution, and applying the same to your current problem will not work in the long run. You need to work upon the solution to understand how it really came about. Try to interpret each step to know the right methodology so that next time your logic is ready to work with any kind of solution. Practice as many problems as you can to have a strong grip in using intellectual knowledge.

Glossary and textual information is all what you need

Stuck in between a problem? Need guidance on certain terms, definitions, equations, and others? Keep your appendix ready full of information to refer information whenever wherever needed. You can actually communicate with a subject if your glossary is handy to use to know various terminologies.

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