5 Tips to Improve Your SAT and ACT Scores

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Follow the tips to crack SAT and ACT exams with high scores-

Choose SAT and ACT test according to your strengths:

The students who have a strong memory, fast reading and ability to process information fast should opt ACT text. On the other hand, the students who are strong readers, possess strong vocabularies and enjoy test taking strategies should take the SAT test. Hence, identify your strengths and choose the test accordingly to achieve great success.

Plan Strategically:

You plan out test preparation strategies, targeting study and practice of each section. Typically, the test includes critical reading, Math and English reading and writing. Plan how much time you will devote preparing and practicing each section. Use online test preparation services that are free or charge you a nominal for test prep. You can seek guidance from online tutors.

Make a habit to prepare notes:

Form a habit to jot down key concepts, Math formulas, vocabulary etc. Make a note of important points and formulas along with correct application problems. Your notes will help you in memorizing and revising things that you have learnt.

Take a practice SAT and ACT test:

Taking practice tests will give a better idea on how well you attempt each section in stipulated time thereby analyze your performance? A lot of test preparation websites and college websites offer sample SAT and ACT tests. You can practice help from online tutoring, local or online tutor and even purchase test preparation books.

Keep your mental efficiency:

Above all said tips will be only useful if you are mentally peaceful. It is very essential that you take good sleep at night. 7-8 hours of sound sleep at night gives adequate rest physically and mentally. Often students who skip night sleep may feel clumsy during last preparation.

Try out these tips to score better in SAT and ACT tests. All the best!

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