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5 Tips For An Exciting Back To School

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The first day of back to school is great and fascinating. It should not be just a slip into routine, but unique and thrilling.

How can you make the first day of back to school a splendid one? Here are a few tips.

Start a first day of back to school tradition

As in private and public schools, you make your first day a fantastic day with new events and fun. Or else, children lose the charm of something new and they slip into the routine in the most normal way.

You can make this day, your special day with the following fun activities:

  • Celebrate the day with special breakfast: Goodies your kids like the most at home or in their favorite restaurant. Chocolates, pancakes, ice creams. The day gets a good start and kids never forget their favorite breakfast.
  • Have family photos of the day: Like any other family occasion, first day of homeschooling is unique and needs special attention. You can have small props like chalkboard with the date, child’s age and grade written on it. It serves as a keepsake for you and family.
  • Take your kids out for a field trip: A good start for the new grade and it strikes the right note as well.
  • Make shirts that commemorate the event: May be a particular color or design that sparks the importance of the day.

Ease into the new school year

Jumping into the new school year with mounting enthusiasm is adding too much load to the young minds. They are after all back to school after summer enjoyment and may want to hang out a little more. Their friends too are in the same swing and expect them to get settled.

To start with, introduce lighter subjects first and add one or two new subjects every week. Let them get into the track gradually, without exhaustion.

Plan outside activities

It is gorgeous weather now and right time for outdoor activities. Don’t waste this precious offer of nature. Go for a walk with your kids and start your education in the lap of nature. Have a picnic outside, it can be even your garden or backyard and start your reading lessons there. Your Science lab fits in outside for those fun activities and experiments.

You can even plan local play days with other homeschooling kids and arrange for the extracurricular activities of your kids.

Involve your kids in the planning

Get your kids on your planning. Know their ideas about the curriculum chosen, places they wish to visit on field trips. Some may want to work through worksheets and some may want hands-on experience in their learning modes. Involving kids in planning are good. It gives room for knowing kids’ views on their learning and their personal interests.

Don’t forget the traditional back to school fun

Shopping sprees, filling up baskets with new school supplies, surprises for brightening the school table are all part of the thing and your kids are ready for it. Get ahead with the tradition: get your kids a new outfit, fabulous lunch box or a cool backpack. Let their first day be all fine with new things and awesome school material.

Above mentioned tips are for making the first day of back to school lovable and unforgettable. Make the day special with your care for small things that add color to the occasion and cheer up your kids with the feel of something new about the day.

Have a great day, enjoy tons and get back to us with your experiences.

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