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5 Guaranteed Steps For Easy Essay Writing

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Essay writing skills help you down the life in career and other areas of written communication. Here are 5 guaranteed writing steps as a start up for you.

Step 1


Start with personal essays. Spot out your favorite areas like gardening, music, sports, cooking and pick out your fit. Put your idea into a statement and there your thesis statement is ready. With the thesis statement your writing begins.

Step 2


Title is the one that hooks the readers. It should be one such your reader wants to read the essay. It should convey the purpose of your essay. Some of the good titles are

  • Who is the She- Conomy?
  • What is new about Kung Fu Panda 3?
  • Multi tasking scenario of preset generation- good or bad?
  • Roof Gardens-aesthetic and useful! You can choose your title and start writing or vice versa.

Step 3


Your introduction should be short and sweet. It should focus on the thesis or topic directly to arrest the attention of the reader. Here are some catchy introductions Women are today’s chief buyers. Have you missed them? Then you are to market to them. How many of you have a garden at home? One at the top? Mine is one and I boast of it to everyone. Why you know?

Step 4

Body of the essay

Now you have come to the main aspect. Have you notes researched upon the topic? Choose the best 3 or 4 ideas out of your notes and write them down separately on clean papers. Search for ideas that come under each main idea. Write them down under each main idea. Now your body of the essay is ready with 3 or 4 paragraphs with topic sentences and the supporting ideas for them.

Step 5


Last one is conclusion. It also should be short and relevant like introduction. Here you summarize your key points to make your stand clear.

Well, your essay is ready and you would do more when you practice these basic steps in writing an essay. For more help, contact Tutor Pace’s online English tutors who help you with more strategies.

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