5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Biology

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tutorpace-blogBiology the science of life is that part of your studies that teaches you all about why your body functions the way it does how and why one reacts in certain situations. There are various hidden facts about our body organs that one needs to be aware about. Here is a list of few of such details relating to our body organs which can alter your thinking  regarding your body’s functioning.

In today’s time, even with the development in medical science, various reasons lead to the failure of our internal organs. But how much damage to the same can we bear? The truth is that even if 80 per cent of the intestines or 75 per cent of the liver is removed, a human being can survive. And similarly if one kidney and one lung are removed, we will still be alive! That is how strong our body is.

An ear, whose primary function is thought to be of hearing, is basically meant to maintain the balance of our body. Yes, you read it right. In case one loses an ear, that person will face a lot of disorientation in case of walking and maintaining balance.

 Bowman capsule is a cup like structure in a nephron, which is a kidney cell, and undertakes the first step in the process of blood filtration by extracting from it the urine.

Why do we as humans can think rationally and behave the way we do? It is because of the growth in the brain’s cerebral cortex; this part of the brain stores the memory and controls the motor functions and thought processes.

Does your nose start watering when you cry? If yes, it’s because of the drain created by the tear ducts into the back of your nose.

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