5 Essential Tools for Receiving Online Tutoring

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tutorpace-blogIf you have decided to augment your school learning with online tutoring then you will need some basic equipment. Many students are lucky to have all this equipment already present in their homes. Other students who might not have these tools need not despair. Here are the five essential things you need for logging on to online tutoring.

The first thing you need is a good computer. If you can manage to buy a laptop it is all the better because you can carry it around conveniently. The configurations of the laptop should be such that it should be able to operate with the latest browsers. It should have enough memory and speed to work efficiently with any modern web site. You can take the help of one of your computer savvy friends in getting the right computer or laptop. Make sure that the equipment is not older than one year. If you can buy a new one then that is perfect.

You have your own room and you have your study table. Make sure your room has a plain and pleasant environment for undisturbed interaction with your online tutoring site. The quiet room is thus an integral part of your online tutoring experience.

The third thing you need is a good internet connection. You can call up your local phone company and get all the information regarding charges per month and speed. Go for an unlimited package which is reasonable and allows you to surf the net without worrying about the bill.

The fourth thing you need is a web camera. The best online tutoring is possible only when tutor and student can see each other. This gives a real classroom experience.

The fifth piece of equipment is a good pair of headsets with a microphone. This way you can also listen to your tutor and talk to him. You can add speakers to get a better sound experience. Now you are all set for online tutoring.

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Sunil Kumar

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