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3 Ways in Which Practice Questions Help in College Entrance Test Preparation

September 20th, 2013 Admin ACT Questions
3 Ways in Which Practice Questions Help in College Entrance Test Preparation

Practice questions can help the student to a great extent in preparing for the competitive, college admission tests such as ACT and SAT. 1- Knowing the format: Firstly, practice question and answers such as SAT Math Questions and Answers and ACT Practice Questions and answers are a great way of knowing ‘how should questions be answered?’ 2- Remembering the methodology: Once the student starts practicing math and other subjects that are objective in nature, it is easier to remember the method of arriving to the solutions. For instance, what would be more memorable for you?

  • Remembering what is Binomial theorem definition (in text)?
  • Or Remembering what is Binomial theorem in algebraic terms: (a + b) 1 = a + b and so on …
  • Here both are interdependent that is if you can remember the theorem you will remember the definition and the other way.
  • Remembering the application is much easier because we can practice and know it for real whereas remembering theory could be difficult at times because of the stress on theory.

3- Focusing on the test relevant content You are practicing with ACT sample questions and answers and you sometimes like to rely on the questions and answers section of the study material. This is because practice questions by its nature covers a large number of areas in any subject. For instance, a question such as application of principles of utilitarianism, gives you a better idea about what to study? Rather than reading random content about utilitarianism in the book. It is important to know the specific requirements, be it in an exam, assignment or any other evaluation content. By knowing the content in context of the requirement, students can perform better.

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