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Computer Science Students should know these 20 Killer Tools

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Computer Science is vast and complex with new inventions and innovations every day. Learning the subject is tough and needs lots of skills. Online tools help students greatly and online tutors also do wonderful job in this matter.

Computer Science is an area of study which faces changes, improvements, inventions and milestones every day. Students who choose the subject use lots of resources to learn the subject without hassle. Here are some 20 online tools that help students learn the subject without struggle.

  1. Google Hangouts: Google hang outs help students with audio and video support for group conversations and sharing information. They could be accessed through mobile apps or browsers
  2. Data Converter: It is highly useful for converting between data formats like HTML, XML, JSON, CSV and other formats
  3. Chop: Through Chop, code snippets could be saved with notes and shared with friends, peers and project partners
  4. Gist: It is a collaborative code and data snippet repository and is useful for saving public or secret snippets which students could copy (fork) and ask questions or leave comments. This repository is from Github
  5. it runs and debugs syntax highlighted code for 40 programming and scripting languages in the browser
  6. Bounce: Bounce is a useful tool for entering a URL to take a snapshot of a web page or to upload an image, add annotations, sharing it with classmates via Twitter or Face book to get their feed back
  7. Web Design Tools: It is a big list of web design tools of over 80 in number and could be used for desktop, browser and mobile
  8. Evernote: It helps you save lots like web clippings, notes, sketches, book marks from your laptop or desktop and sync through Cloud for accessing from other devices like computers and mobiles
  9. Gliffy: You require Gliffy when you create flow charts, site maps, wireframes and network diagrams. This online diagram editor helps you in collaborating with others
  10. ExamTime: You could create your own notes and use them through this tool. You could create quizzes, free form mind maps, flash cards also through Exam Time for testing your study efforts in Computer Science
  11. Pocket: You could add tags for your easy search and book mark needed web pages through this tool. You could read the saved pages in a formatted way and have access for other mobiles and browsers via sync to Cloud
  12. SlideShare: It helps lots in presenting a project. You can create and share infographics, web slideshows etc for your project presentation
  13. Prezi: Prezi is useful for creating dynamic and zooming presentations
  14. TeuxDeux: you could have a calendar format in a stylish manner for maintaining your to-do lists
  15. Trello: Trello helps you have a card format which is stackable for organizing your tasks and ideas
  16. Ponder: It is a reading app used online by college and k-12 students .It has collaborative and embedded commenting features
  17. Readability: This tool makes your unreadable pages readable and suggests the approximate reading time as well
  18. EasyBib: It helps you cite references in the right format (like APA, MLA etc) for your term paper whatever be the reference from a newspaper, web site, book or journal etc.
  19. JS Fiddle: It is a sandbox with front-end web page development and has collaboration features like audio and text chat, screen sharing etc
  20. Freedcamp: It helps you manage class projects. It has collaboration features and notification through email, SMS.

All the above mentioned tools are highly resourceful for enhancing student learning   in Computer Science. Computer Science online tutoring further facilitates student learning process through its expert tutors who help students work wonders in the field through their excellent guidance and support through personalized tutoring sessions.

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