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10 Ways To Quicken Your Math Problem Solving To Scoring Top Marks

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Math is singularly difficult for most people to work with. While for some, arithmetic with large numbers is daunting, for others calculus and trig are nightmarish! There are many effective techniques that can help student cope with math troubles and help with their math anxiety and students often turn towards experts and look to employ the best online math tutor to perform better. Here are a couple of tricks and tips to help students work with math easily.

Tip 1: Addition of large numbers

Additions have been proverbially difficult for people to work with especially if it involves huge numbers. Doing the math in their head is difficult and yet one might need to do so during the normal course of life! Mastering this tricky issue is possible in this fashion:

Make the numbers into multiples of ten and add them up. Determine what should be added to the numbers (that are multiples of ten) to make them equal to the original equation and simply add those figures up!

For example, adding the numbers 457 and 568 seem difficult in your head. Round them off to multiples of ten first and you can either round them as 460 and 570 or 450 and 560 depending on whether you are comfortable with additions or subtractions? Add them up and they give you either 1030 or 1010. Add 3 and 2 in the first case and this gives you 5 and in the second case, the addition gives you 15 (7+8). Subtract in the first case and add in the second case from 1030 and 1010 respectively. This yields 1015 and 1015 which is the answer!

Tip 2: Subtraction from 1000 is ever so easy

Do you find it hard to subtract a number from 1000? Here’s a simple rule to follow:

Subtract every number from the digit 9 except for the last one. Subtract the last one from 10.

For example, subtract 457 from 1000. You can work this out as 9-4, 9-5 and 10-7 which gives us 543 which is the right answer.

Tip 3: Multiply 5 with any number of your choice

In this case, we have to consider two cases: even and odd. When you multiply 5 with an even number, it usually results in a zero at the last digit and with a 5 when the number is odd.

Even number rule: Halve the number to be multiplied and add a zero to the end.

Odd number rule: Subtract one from the odd number, halve the result and add five in the last digit for the result.

For example, multiplying 26 with 5 works this way: 26/2 = 13 and add a zero at the end and this will give us 130. Similarly, when we multiply 33 with 5, the rule is applied as follows: (33-1) = 32/2 = 16. Adding a five at the end gives us 165 which is the right answer.

Tip 4: Tricks to help with math division

To find out if a number is divisible by the following numbers, employ these tricks:

  • If the number ends in a zero, it is most certainly divisible by 10.
  • If the sum of the digits adds up to nine, it is divisible by 9.
  • When the last 3 digits of the number are evenly divisible by 8 or are 3 zeroes such as 000, the number is divisible by 8.
  • If the number is even and the sum of the digits is evenly divisible by three, the number is divisible by 6.
  • If the number ends with a five or zero, it is divisible by 5.
  • If the number ends with the last 2 digits that are evenly divisible by 4 or are 00, the number is divisible by 4.
  • When the sum of the numbers adds up to a number that is evenly divisible by 3, it is divisible by 3.
  • If the last digit of the number is either 0,2,4,6 or 8, the number is divisible by 2.

Such tricks are very helpful not only in exams; they also serve as excellent math homework help and bring down the time students spend on homework.

Tip5: Multiplying a math number by 9

There is a simple rule to work with multiplication by 9 and it goes like this:

Subtract 1 from the number in question and subtract the result from 9. The first number of the result is formed by the first result and the second number is formed by the second subtraction.

For instance, multiply 6with 9. (61) = 5 is the first part of the result and the second part is (9-5) = 4. Thus, the result is 54.

Tip 6: Multiplying with 10 and 11

For 10, the rule is very simple and it goes like this:

Add zero at the end to the number and the result is readily available.

For example, 99*10 = 990 (just add 0 at the end to 99 and you get 990).

For 11, the rule goes like this:

Take the 2 digit number and put a blank between it and add the 2 digits and fill it in the blank. In case the result of the addition is another 2 digit number, add the last digit to the centre and add one to the digit before.

For example, 76*11 = 7_6. In the blank add (7+6 = 13, so add the last digit 3) and add one to the first digit in 7_6 = (7+1)36 = 836.

Tip 7: Percentages are ever so tricky

It is very easy to work put % with the following trick. To find 5% of 435, do the following:

Move the decimal point over by one place in 435 and it becomes 43.5. Now, divide the result by 2 and this is the answer to the problem. Thus, 43.5/2 = 21.75% is the right answer.

Tip 8: Squaring a 2 digit number ending in 5 in a jiffy

Multiply the first digit with its subsequent number (number + 1) and add one to it. Add 25 at the end to this result.

For squaring 35 quickly, do the following: 3*(3+1) = 12. Add 25 to the end this makes it 1025.

Tip 9: Difficult multiplication

Multiplying two large numbers is very difficult; here is an easy way to do it.

If one number is even, divide the first number by half and for the second number, double it.

20*130 = (20/2) * (130*2) = 10* 260 = 2600.

Tip 10: To multiply numbers that end with a 0

Simply add the zeroes in the numbers at the end and multiply the rest of the digits.

For example, when you add 400 and 3000, there are 5 zeroes in total. Add them at the end and multiply 4 and 3 and add it at the beginning. 120000 is thus the answer.


Thus, these simple tricks are the best possible math assignment help there is for they allow students to work on tough problems with ease. Following these can help students work with math more effectively and solve problems quickly.

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