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10 Good Habits That Lead Students To The Top List

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Getting into the list of top rankers in a class is not that easy and it needs proper planning, perseverance and determination on the part of students. Developing good study habits right from the start helps students garner good scores and immense knowledge in subjects and that is the gateway to success too.

Following are 10 study habits that help students head to success in their academics. Read on to know what they are.

  1. Students should create a study plan 

Create a study plan to reduce your stress levels. You can have a planner tool to organize your plans on daily schedule and enjoy a stress free revision in the end. When you tick the completed task for the day, you feel elated and turn to solve a puzzle for keeping cool. That is the way top rankers work and you are sure to be one among them.

  1. Taking study breaks makes students relaxed

Without study breaks, your exam preparation is half done. Why? Human mind can consume lots of information but needs relaxation and breaks to store the information. Taking study breaks at intervals makes your learning highly productive. You feel rejuvenated after your break, that too, if it is after a healthy snack, a small TV show or a brisk walk. Do it and see the difference in your learning. You can also enroll in Fine Art Degree Courses to take time to support and challenge you in all these areas, enabling you to achieve exceptional results and move on to professional practice or further study with confidence and experience.

  1. Students to Build their own study notes

Getting notes from others is good. Creating a unique study notes with all available resources is better. Using it for your best results in an organized manner is the best. Make your online notes with flashcards and other tools and learn in the easiest way possible.

  1. Getting sufficient sleep

If cramming and pulling all-nighters affect your physique and mind, lack of sleep during exam preparation causes more harm. It is because you miss sleep, get tense, improve in stress levels and lose balance of mind. Result is a tense exam day with increased heart beat and mental stress. Relax, take sufficient sleep, learn, revise and face the big day with a clear mind and sound body. The better you sleep, the greater knowledge you assimilate in mind.

  1. Asking questions

Reflecting over the taught content, asking questions about it and interacting with your teacher add to your learning experience. When you ponder over the ‘whys’ of your lessons, you get more insights and better ideas. It improves your knowledge and takes you in the right road to success.

  1. Periodic self-testing

Going back to the learnt lesson in small bouts is the finest way of revising and storing information in mind. Self-testing through quizzes, questions, puzzles in the subject areas at intervals makes you revise the topic at spaced repetition and retain the facts in mind. You don’t forget the facts on the eve of exam when you rush through your notes and flashcards. Your memory is extended for a long time, when you revise your lessons in small bursts at regular intervals.

  1. Enhancing learning through mistakes

Mistakes are common in the learning process. But they enhance your learning if you rectify them on time and understand the value of not repeating them. It is human tendency not to repeat the error if the mind diagnoses the error. This is all the more applicable to a student mind. Learning through online tutoring centers for topics like Math comes handy in this scenario. Online tutors explain the errors of students on the spot and help them redeem their mistakes at once.

  1. Taking mock tests to reduce stress levels

Exam day is a big affair and even the most confident will feel shaky at times. Practicing under test conditions with the same pattern of questions and time frame will help students experience the big day to a great level. You can understand how to allot time, what questions to answer, how to cope with stress level etc. Doing it more than once is advisable to get familiar with the test condition.

  1. Applying learning to real life

Academic learning is for leading life successfully with the knowledge gathered through learning subjects. In that case, applying one’s learning to real life situations makes you understand the essence of the topics, apply them to life and get the best knowledge possible through them.

  1. Following what interests you

When you choose your favorite subject and learn it, you get engrossed without any external compulsion.You enjoy what you learn and get more and more unique insights in subject topics.


These tips show how top scorers have systematic approach to their studies and revise at small intervals to make the most of their learning. Taking study breaks and sufficient sleep are also necessary for doing one’s best in exam.

Expand your knowledge through choosing your favorite subject, create your study notes and learn systematically to scale top scores. Contact online tutors for further tips.

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