What is Biology

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Biology term has been derived from Greek Word “bios” means “life” and “logia” means “study” so the Greek term “bioslogia” means “Study of Life”. Biology is not only just the study of living things but feeling the depths and getting experience from live practical exposure. Biology covers the broad area of living organism. It can be moving or non moving. It can be very minute unicellular protozoan or a multi cellular big whale.

Traditionally Biology can be separated into two parts which cover broad areas:

1. Botany (Study of Plants)
2. Zoology  (Study of animals)

Study of any organism is called morphology and study of its function is called physiology. Advance technology and knowledge has categorized Botany and Zoology into further category, for example; molecular biology, micro biology, genetics, human anatomy, anthropology, etc.

Biological Classification of any organism depends on below mentioned 9 taxonomy:

  • Species
  • Genus
  • Family
  • Order
  • Class
  • Phylum
  • Kingdom
  • Domain
  • Life
Biology gives us answers for:

  • How organism evolved from simpler to more complex forms?
  • How cell divides?
  • How organism adopt the environment?
  • How organism maintain an internal steady state?
  • The morphology
  • The physiology

The answer of above questions are not obviously simple. The main recurring theme in biology, is the relation between structure and function. We can understand the concept of structure and function of body part by below mentioned example:

  • The broad wings of an osprey are adapted to slow flight above water.
  • The long broad wings of Albatross are adapted to gliding.
  • The butterfly uses its wing to fly way from predators.

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