Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Work Sheet

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1.    The term cell was given by _______

Answer: Robert Hooke

2. Nucleus was discovered by __________

Answer: Robert Brown

3. A prokaryotic cell does not have ___________

Answer: Nuclear membrane and nucleolus

4. A prokaryotic cell is characterized by ___________

Answer: Absence of nuclear membrane and nucleolus

5. No living cell can survive for a longer period with out ________

Answer: Nucleus

6. The most appropriate distinction of a prokaryote from a eukaryote is __________

Answer: Lack of nuclear envelope around DNA and absence of membrane bound organelles

7. No living cell is known to be without __________

Answer: A well-defined nucleus.

8. The organelles in eukaryotes are _____________

Answer: Membrane bound organelles.

9. Define a prokaryotic cell?

A cell which do not have a true nucleus and all membrane bound organelles are called prokaryotes.

10. Whatare eukaryotes?

Answer: Those organisms which have a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles are called a


11. Is bacteria a eukaryotic cell or a prokaryotic cell?

Answer: prokaryotic.

12. Give examples for eukaryotic cells?

Answers: animal cell, plant cells, fungi, protists etc.

13.A eukaryotic DNA is _____________ in shape

Answer: Linear

14. A prokaryotic DNA is ___________-in shape

Answer: circular

15. The size of a eukaryotic cell is ____________- than a prokaryotic cell.

Answer: Larger.

16. Is prokaryotic cell simple or complex?

Answer: Simple

17. Is eukaryotic cell simple or complex?

Answer: Complex.

18. What is the word meaning of eukaryote?

Answer: Possessing a true nucleus.

19. What is the word meaning of prokaryote?

Answer: Before a nucleus.


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