Plant Diagram

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Plants are the producers as they are able to prepare their own food using solar energy. The process by which the green plants prepare their food is by photosynthesis. They store the food material in the form of starch in root, stem, seedsetc. The plants are the first trophic level in a food chain.     

The different parts of the plant body are flowers, fruits, leaf, stem and root.

Flowers: They are the sexually reproducing part of a plant. They are made up of petals. The petals are brightly coloured to attract the insects for pollination. The flowers produce the seeds after fertilization. Flower contains androecium and gynoecium which are the male and female reproductive parts which are involved in reproduction.

Fruit: After fertilization the ovary becomes the fruit, the ovule becomes the seed, the zygote becomes the embryo etc. When birds and other animals feed on the fruits, theseeds fall on suitable places and when conditions become favorable it becomes a new plant.
Leaf: It is the expanded portion of the plant. Theyare green in colour due to the presence of chlorophyll pigments. Leaves are known as the kitchen because they prepare the food carbohydrate using solar energy.The leaves contain xylem and phloem which are the vascular tissues which help in conduction of water and food. During photosynthesis they release oxygen which is used for respiration by the animals.

Stem: The stem supports the branches and leaves. The stem contains vascular tissue which conducts water and food.

Root: The portion below the soil is the root system .The root fix the plant firmly into the soil, absorb water and minerals from the soil.

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