Life Science Biology

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Study of living organisms is called biology. The study of animals and plants by man must have started, like other subjects, out of sheer curiosity and keeping in view the economic value of living organisms of man. Later Biology got established as a pure scientific pursuit in order to understand the mysteries of life, and then apply the information to understand the structure and working of man’s own body. The subject biology is multidimensional and is divided into several branches each dealing with a specific field of study of living organisms.

The secret of life lies in discovering the organization in living organisms. The organization occurs at all levels from molecular to the biosphere. In fact a living organism is a dynamic unit and its activities can be expressed in the terms of matter and energy for which it depend on the external environment. The subject of biology has progressed with the help of other natural sciences. The modern tools and techniques have changed the entire concept of biology which is preferred to be termed as life sciences of its amalgamation with the other sciences.

Study of biology has several advantages.

1. It makes us understand ourselves.

2. We learn about the vast diversity of life and common features shared by all of them.

3. It creates a sense of responsibility towards our environment.

Unlike other sciences, biology is a science of exceptions because no biological law or principles is universally applicable.

Even then there are generalizations and theories in life science which can be accepted to be applicable nearly in all cases.

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