Learning Biology

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Of all the branches of science biology is perhaps the most unique as it tries to unravel the mysteries of life. It is universal and knows no boundaries. If it is to be learnt effectively, it must be experienced, and if it is to be experienced, it must be learnt individually by observation and experimentation. This is possible only when one does things by himself. And the only place where the things can be experienced under controlled condition is the laboratory. Biology is thescience which deals with the structure of living organisms and gives us knowledge about how they function.

The study of Biology is important to us. Because

1. Biology helps us to understand ourselves better and to realize the meaning of being alive

2. It enables us to meet our needs through judicious use of resources, eradicate diseases and check

degradation of our environment

3. It acquaints us with the fundamentals of nutrition, health and population control.

4. It makes us aware of our role on earth, reminds us of our limitations in understanding the ecosystems and

enhances our appreciation of the beauty of rich and varied living heritage.

5. It teaches us how to practice science.

6. It warns us about the possible environmental hazards caused by our activities such as indiscriminate use

of pesticides and fertilizers, destruction of forests, and discharge of pollutants.

Biology applies scientific methods to arrive at an understanding of living organisms. Biology is useful to

regard life as complex matter that is susceptible to analysis by chemical and physical approaches.


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