Lab Reports for Biology

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Of all the branches of science, biology is perhaps the most unique as it tries to unravel the mysteries of life. It is universal and knows noboundaries. If it is to be learnt effectively it must be experienced and if it is to be experienced it must be learnt individually by observation and experimentation. This is possible only one does things by himself. And the only place where the things can be experienced under controlled condition is the laboratory. Thus laboratory work becomes one of the most important, integral and inalienable part of the study of biology.

Biology is a science which deals with the structure of living things and tells us how they function. In short we can say it is a science of life. Like all other sciences the study of biology remains incomplete unless the various facts studied, are not tested or confirmed practically. In past much scientific works was done outdoors in Nature Laboratory, indeed much biological work must still be done outdoors to get first-hand information about nature and its various living forms. For the students of life science, biology laboratory becomes a most important place where they learn things practically.

While doing the physiological experiments, device the experiment as per the instructions carefully. Record the correct observations .Keeping records is the most important aspects of biological work. Record your observations immediately as soon as you make them, in clear simple and precise language in the prescribed practical note book. Do not do rough work. Make your own records even if you are working in a group.


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