Is Biology a Life Science

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Biology is a term coined by Lamarck and Treviranus in 1802 is the science devoted to the study of living organisms.Biology is the study of life science. A living organism is primarily physic-chemical material that demonstrates a high degree of complexity is capable of self-regulation, possesses a metabolism, and perpetuates itself through time. A living organism has built in regulatory mechanism and interacts with the environment to sustain its structural and functional integrity.

All living organism exhibits certain characteristics which are regarded as features of life. Nutrition, respiration, irritability, movement, growth, adaptation and reproduction are the important attributes of living organism which can be observed to a greater or lesser extent in all living organisms and are the means of indicating the existence of life.

Curiosity and the human instinct to survive were the main factors that resumed in amassing of biological knowledge over the years. Biology helps us to understand the structure and functioning of organisms. There is a great diversity in living organisms. The number of different kinds of plants is about 500.000 and the number of animal species excluding insects is over a million, while it is estimated that there are 2.3 million species of insects.

In biology, scientific methods are used to understand about a living thing. Biology is life science because it helps to explore the complex harmony of the body systems, how they are structured and how they function. Biologists were successful in understanding The various aspects of life.


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