Desert Food Web Diagram

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The food web is interlocking of two or more type of food chains at different trophic levels in such a way that a particular food becomes available to two or more types of populations while a consumer has choice of two or more types of food.

The plants and animals in desert region have evolved adaptations to survive in high temperatures and very little water. A few shrubs and deciduous plants are found scattered in desert. The animals in deserts are usually burrowing animals. Most of them are nocturnal. Desert animals include many kinds of insects,  Ground Squirrels, Jack Rabbits, Kangaroo Rats, and Antelopes.

In a desert the primary producers are the Cacti, Euphorbia,Thorn Acacias,Creosote Bushes,Sage Brush,Ocotillo,Rabbit Brush and flowering Annuals.

The primary consumers include small mammals, insects, lizards, kangaroo rat, ground squirrel etc.
The secondary consumers include Snakes and Lizards, Scorpion and Tarantula.

The tertiary consumers include Hawk and fox.

In this food web the producers are the cactus species. They are eaten by insects, small lizards and kangaroo rats. Insects are in turn eaten by scorpions and large lizards. Kangaroo rats are eaten by Hawks, Snakes and Desert foxes. Snakes are eaten by Hawks and Desert fox. Small lizards are eaten by large lizards in turn eaten by Hawk. So we can see an interconnected food chain in this food habit which is called a food web.

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