Deciduous Forest Food Web

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Food web is a network of food chain operating in an ecosystem which gets connected at various trophic
levels so as to form a number of feeding connections amongst different organisms of the biotic community.
Here each organism is eaten by to many other kinds of organisms whichin turn are eaten by several other

The primary producers include small plants, flowers, ferns, and grasses. The primary consumers in this
system include insects, birds, Rodents such as squirrels, wood mice, and ground squirrels anddeer. A rodent
which is a primary consumer eats on plants and their seeds which are the primary producers. Deer which is a
primary consumer browse on the shrubs, grasses, and the leaves on the lower limbs of trees. Birds which are
the secondary consumers eat seeds and berries which come under the primary producers and many eat
insects which are the primary consumers as well.

The secondary consumers include foxes and owls that eat the rodents and birds which are the primary
consumers. The skunks and opossums which come under secondary consumers feed on insects which are
the primary consumers.

The tertiary consumers like Cougar prey on deer and smaller animals which are the primary consumers.
So in this food web we can see a number of food chains inter connected to form a food web.

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