College Biology

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With a few exceptions every organism is considered to be either a plant or an animal. The study of plants is called botany and the study of animals is called zoology. In addition to these two divisions, another branch of biology which has come into prominence in recent years is microbiology. It is the study of such plants and animals which are so small that can be seen only with the help of a microscope. Microbiology deals chiefly with the organisms which cause diseases. The distinction between these three subjects is based on the nature of organisms.

Within two broad subdivisions (Botany and Zoology), there are still smaller fields devoted to the study of a particular group of plants and animals. Each of this field forms a distinct branch of Biology and is given a specific name.

Morphology: Branch of Biology which deals with the configuration and the structural form of any organisms. It is subdivided into two-anatomy and histology.

Cytology: It is the study of cells.

Embryology: It is the study of sequences of growth and development of plants and animals and deals with the formation and development of the embryo.

Ecology: It deals with the study of organisms in relation to living and nonliving surroundings.

Genetics: The branch which deals with heredity and variation

Evolution: It deals with the transformation.

Taxonomy: It is the branch dealing with the naming and classification of living organisms

Physiology: It deals with the functional aspects of various parts of the organisms


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