Bowmans Capsule

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The bowman’s capsule is a part of the filtration system .The outer layer of the Bowman’s capsule consist of single layer of squamous epithelial cells.The inner layer of the Bowman’s capsule is the visceral layer that along with the endothelium of the glomerulus forms an endothelio capsular membrane.

Kidneys are the excretory organs in human beings. Each kidney is made up of millions of nephrons. Each nephron is composed of spherical structure called Malphigian body and a convoluted tubule. Malphigian body consists of a large double walled cup called Bowman’s capsule enclosing a network of capillaries called glomerulus

The inner layer of Bowman’s capsule is formed of specialized epithelial cells called podocytes. A podocyte meets the basement membrane only by a processes called the foot  cells which have 25nm gaps, the slit pores or filtration slits. The space between the outer parietal layer and the inner epithelial layer is called capsular space. A central network of blood capillaries called glomerulus is almost entirely surrounded by the Bowman’s capsule.

The blood flows through the glomerulus under high pressure .The reason for this great pressure is that the efferent arteriole (outgoing arteriole ) is narrower than the afferent (incoming) arteriole .This high pressure causes the liquid part of the blood to filter out from the glomerulus into the funnel shaped cavity of the bowman’s capsule and from there to the renal tubule. This filtration under extra ordinary force is called ultra-filtration.


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