Biology the Science of Life

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Science is the study or collection of knowledge in a logical and orderly fashion obtained by observation, interpretation and testing. Science is a process that is used to answer the questions about nature.

Biology is the science of life. It is made up of two Greek words bios meaning life and logos meaning to study, it has grown out of what man observed and experienced down the ages and attempted to evolve into general principles. Man probably becomes a biologist before he was anything else. His own body in health and disease; the phenomena of birth, growth, and death, plants and animals which provided him food, shelter and clothing , were all too close and vital phenomena to his own immediate needs, existence and survival. He could not have ignored them even when he was in the most initial stage of mental activity. These motives still prompt the biological studies today; agriculture, medicine and field applied to them are the most important branches of modern applied biology.

The main factors that resulted in the amassing of biological knowledge were curiosity and the human instinct to survive. All scientific disciplines are developed from the human curiosity to know better and deeper.


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