Biology Study

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Life is influenced by forces which cannot be controlled or even identified. It is the job of biologists to solve puzzles such as to identify and try to understand the forces which influence life. Because the activities of scientists are altering the world around us, an understanding of biology is increasingly becoming necessary.

The reasons why we should study biology:

1. Biology is closely related to our daily life in many ways. It helps us to understand ourselves better. It helps
    us to answer many questions such as

2. What makes a baby male or female?

3. Why do we resemble our parents and differ from them?

4. Why are twin babies born and why are they identical?

5. How is energy stored in food?

6. How are our lives affected by other forms of lives such as insects and large animals?

7. What happens to the molecules of our body after death?

8. Is it possible to produce several copies of ourselves?

These are only a few questions and of them only a few can be answered, and others are beyond our present understanding. The answers to these questions about life form the subject matter of biology. Biology makes us live more intelligent and happy.

With the increasing demands of food, we must look into the ways and means by which we can augment the food supply of the world. Here we need the help of biological knowledge. 


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