Biology Life Science

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The world around us is very fascinating. Where ever we look, we see the green plants producing beautiful flowers, beautiful animals roaming around us, the less familiar soil bacteria, fungi and worms enriching our soil etc. Human beings are also a part of planet earth where life is seen. Our life is wholly dependent on other animals and plants. We cannot live a day without the help of other living organisms like plants, animals and microorganisms. If these organisms are exhausted, then human species will die for want of food. To know ourselves well, we must examine all of life and life itself. This study of living organism is a part of the science called Biology. Biology, from Latin term bios means life and logos means knowledge.

Biology is the branch of science that deals with the study of living things. It covers a vast area from simple unicellular prokaryotes to highly complex eukaryotes like human. Biology is the most demanding of all sciences because of its direct relevance to the gives an overview of the various processes taking place in living organisms. We can understand all the life processes of living organisms from Biology. The tremendous advancement made in various branches of biology has brought a lot for the human welfare.

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