Biology Lab Reports

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Science is a systematized study based on facts and involves curiosity, inquisitiveness and unbiased analysis. Most of the scientific work is done in the laboratory. It provides an opportunity to a person with scientific frame of mind to see and study various aspects of an object under observation. A biology student is obliged to attend laboratory work out with utmost sincerity,honesty, inquisitiveness. In lab classes, student studies detailed structural both morphological,histological,and physiological aspects of plants and animals.

The practical work includes

1.     Physiological experiments

2.      Section cutting and mounting

3.      Culture of animals

4.     Study of prepared slides

5.     Study of museum specimens

6.     Microscopic preparation of slides

7.     Core experiment and project work etc.

Record keeping is most important in practical. Records should be neat and clean and up to date. Draw the diagrams of all the specimens, slides and experiments .Diagrams should be correctly drawn and neat labeled.
While doing the physiological experiments, device the experiment as per the instructions carefully. Record the correct observations. Do not manipulate the results. If some deviations are there repeat the experiment and find the values again and then discuss it with the teacher.

Keep the instruments, glassware, and other equipment at a proper and specified place to avoid confusion and disturbance. The glass ware and apparatus used should be properly washed and cleaned before keeping it. Handle the instruments carefully.

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