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Biology deals with the study of life in particular and all about organisms in general. For studying biology a scientific bend of mind is essential. The main factors that resulted in the amassing of biological knowledge were curiosity and the human instinct to survive. All scientific disciplines are developed from the human curiosity to know better and deeper. Students of biology should have a clear idea about the nature of science.

 The various branches coming under biology are:

Morphology:  It deals with the study of external characters of an organism

Anatomy: It is the study of internal structure of an organism

Cytology: It deals with the detailed study of cells

Embryology: It deals with the study of embryo

Paleontology: It deals with the study of fossils

Pathology: It deals with the diseases of plants and animals

Biogeography: It deals with the contribution of plants and animals in different parts of earth

Molecular biology: It deals with the study of physiochemical organization of biomolecules.

Genetics: It deals with heredity and variation

Physiology: It deals with the study of process and functions associated with life.

Ecology: It deals with the study of organisms in relation to their environment.

Evolution: It deals with the origin of living beings and their gradual changes.

People those who are interested in biology choose any of the above branches for their studies.

Biology help gives us a clear picture about the branches of biology, its themes etc. It also includes different

chapters, lessons,
quizzes etc.

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