Biology Help Online

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Student can get online on any topics from their lessons. The help online make the students to understand and clear their doubts on any topics from biology. Experttutor help is provided for this. It assures an interactive online tutoring programme using modern technology to provide a degree of flexibility and convenience.

All the tutors are subject experts and have experience in delivering multi-national curriculum. The methodology used combines the rigors of traditional pedagogy and personalized approach, to create confidence in students and helping students to attain their maximum potential.

The student gets online help on the following branches of biology:

1. Morphology: study of form and external structure of organisms

2. Anatomy: study of internal structure

3. Histology: Detailed study of tissues.

4. Physiology: Study of life processes

5. Ecology: study of organisms in relationship with their environment.

6. Cell Biology;-Study of the structure and functions of cells.

7. Taxonomy: Deals with the identification, nomenclature and classification of organisms.

8. Genetics: Study of heredity and variation.

9. Molecular biology: Study of the nature and function of structural molecules in a cell.

10. Paleontology: Study of fossils.

11. Embryology: Study of embryo development

12. Ethology: Study of behavior of animals.

13.Evolutionary biology: Study of continuous genetic adaptations of organisms to the environment.

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